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Gary Grace Bio 


Gary Grace was born in Pittsburgh, PA at a time when Steel town blast furnaces were still ablaze, the scent of coke and soot dominating the city.  As a child, he rode his bicycle through busy streets from one corner of the city to the other, exploring fearlessly at such a tender age, the thought would make any mother quiver.  It is his quest to blend form with nature and his innate ability to visualize abstract concepts that are the foundation of his highly revered art style “Industrial Abstract.”


Gary attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he majored in fashion illustration and clothing design where he was able to refine his style and learn valuable techniques that he utilizes in his artwork today.  He learned to work with Chalks, Crayons, Rapidograph Pens, Inks, and Watercolors and was cross enrolled in Clarissa School of Fashion Design where he learned to make patterns and sew.   He made the dean’s list three times and was featured in showcases for his work with ebony pencils, ink, and technical pens.  Gary is the founder of the clothing line “Posse,” which went national in the 1980s.    


Abstract Oil is the medium that Gary loves and is the most well-known for, however, he is a very well rounded artist, his travels have brought him an affinity for landscape photography and he has written and Illustrated a published children’s book, “Sasha, I Can’t Find My Bicycle.”   Gary is currently working on two adventure novels’, “45” and “Throwbacks,” he is a songwriter and has been playing the drums since age 11.   He is a true Renaissance Man. 



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“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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